Monday, 17 November 2008

Stitchery Weekend . . .

A few projects are getting that little bit closer to being finished. What a great feeling that is!

Busy, busy fingers . . . that was me - morning, noon and night. After a very interrupted week, it was nice to get some quality time in on these projects. Monday to Friday working is bad enough, but when you throw in an evening meeting as well, it seems to unbalance my routine that much more.

Borders are the next thing in line for this quilt. First I need to make that all important decision as to what kind of borders I want. I have fabric strewn all over the living room floor right now, waiting for inspiration to hit me as I walk by. Hope it hits me soon!

Someone is not supposed to be up on the kitchen counters . . . nor is she supposed to be up on top of the fridge. Shadow is looking just a little guilty, don't you think.

Just a little side note here: Why was I blessed with two black cats that never photograph very well? I see some beautiful photography out there with the lighter colored felines, but, alas, not my blackies. After 16 and 17 years with these two, I bet I have maybe, if I'm lucky, two "really good" pictures of each of them. That's a lot of bad photography on my part!

Doesn't this guy just make you smile? He is so adorable! I'm sure someone (male or female) will appreciate him on their Christmas placemat for the Meals on Wheels program. I machine quilted the diamond checkerboard over the entire placemat . . . except where Santa is sitting in the one corner. These turned out just as nice as all the others and my stack is growing . . . so are all the bindings that still need stitched down.

Not my design girls! I wish it was though . . . Nancy Halvorsen has the cuteness factor all wrapped up in the quilting industry. I really like that "Jingle All The Way" wall hanging and will have to check my schedule to see if I can fit that in before December 25th.

Has anyone checked out the website for Quilter Blogs yet. If you're looking for one-stop reading of blogs, this place is for you.
'til next time,


MYRA said...

Busy-busy!!! Love those Santas!!! I should see which patterns I have hiding! Maybe I have those Santas, and don't even know it! 8-)
I look forward to see what you are finishing...
Happy stitchings!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Can't wait for the big reveal of your projects! The Santas from Nancy H's book are just too cute for words. Keep at it girl, one stitch at a time

Annette said...

Your Santa is gorgeous, you've done a great job. I'm sure he will brighten the recipient's day!