Saturday, 1 November 2008

Now I'm One Day Late!

Thanks to wonderful hiccups in technology I was unable to upload photos yesterday . . . both at home and at the office.

So my Halloween is a day late, but at least the witch did advertise that she was in last night. Had many comments on my sign.

A birthday card from my daughter was much appreciated and very colorful.

I bought a new car two and a half years ago and the salesman still sends me the requisite birthday card. Funny - don't you think?! By sending a birthday card they think that I'll come back to that dealership . . . ehm? Not likely.

Poor hubby is also celebrating a birthday this weekend . . . this is the card he got. I guess the "F" could stand for a couple of birthdays, couldn't it? I won't give that one away . . . don't want to upset the old guy.

Managed to make a start on the machine quilting of the Christmas quilt for my Dad . . . but it is a very small start. Hope to get back to more of it tomorrow.

We had about 50 trick or treaters last night - two of these guys were cannibals, as in like Lector . . . blood and gore all over their faces - YUK! Do you think they were old enough to have seen those movies or where would they get the idea to dress up like that? Down right scarey I think!

So this witch is now officially out and heading off to the big lights for celebration of not one, but two birthdays with friends. Hope everyone had a not-too-spooky day yesterday and that the 1st day of November treats you good.

'til next time,



Quilter Going Bananas said...

Happy Birthday weekend to you and your DH! Love your witch sign too...

MYRA said...

Happy Birthday to you and hubby!!! Hope you had a good one!!! 8-)