Monday, 20 April 2009

Another one done!

Block four of my Summer Baskets BOM is finished! This is my second "Spring to Finish" project - check out the button over in the sidebar and also check out This That and The Other to see Jodi's finishes.

I think I just finished in time too because I noticed that the next installment has already been added to my trusty credit card and will be arriving some time this week probably. Wonder if I can get it done before the 30th also? Nothing like pressuring myself.

Hey! Do you remember this guy?

. . . and this tunnel that he was keeping open all winter long?

This is where the tunnel was leading to . . . not under the deck like we had thought, but out in the lawn about 4-5 feet from the deck. So much for him taking the easy way that we had thought . . . he made his life more difficult than needed - wonder if he knows that or really even cares?

He should care, because if he had done it the way we thought he'd done it, these acorns wouldn't have been frozen into a little mound that he could only make use of as it thawed. Talk about rationing yourself - you can only eat when the acorn decides it is thawed enough to be taken off the pile. I've heard of this working for humans too . . . they freeze their credit cards and can't go shopping until it thaws out - but I think that trick went out the window a few years ago because we really don't need the card anymore - just the numbers! On-line shopping is great!!!!

And speaking of on-line shopping . . . my monthly package arrived on Friday from The Fat Quarter Shop. This collection is from Three Sisters and is called "Aviary" - very pretty and pastel. When the package arrives the fat quarters are all layered together and folded into the mailing envelope, so when I open them up they really don't look all that special. I take the fabrics to the ironing board and press the wrinkles out of each one and then I can see exactly what the print is and get a feel as to what I would use it for.

I'm never happy with the collection until each print is folded into it's own little fat quarter square, so all twelve pieces gets a pressing and folded in half (cut edge to selvage edge).

I then take my 6x12 ruler and fold one-third of the fabric over the ruler . . .

and then holding the fabric and ruler tight, I flip it over the last third and remove the ruler.

Then I can fold it in half into it's little fat quarter square and . . .

place it in the stack with the other pieces that have already been done.

Now I can see all the colors and prints together the way I like to see them . . . not sure why, it's just the way they blend when they're in the stack. Makes it easier for storing and drooling over . . . it's even better when I can add an Aviary jelly roll to top off the stack of fat quarters!
I'll be back in a day or so to fill you in on my landscaping workshop trip, and I hope to also have an update on the quilting for the Blue Meadow Designs Mystery quilt which will hopefully get underway tonight or tomorrow morning.
'til next time,


Karen said...

I like your flower applique block. I am not familar with the pattern but think I would like it.

Suzanne said...

Your summer basket block came out wonderful! I look forward to seeing the rest of them.

MYRA said...

Block 4 looks great! Good for you! 8-)
Fabrics are wonderful!
Silly squirrel... 8-)
Happy stitchings!