Monday, 13 April 2009

Spring to Finish . . .

Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio says she is needing some motivation to finish some projects. Who doesn't, is what I need to know!?!?!?!

Here is Jacquie's challenge: "Dig those projects out of the closet and work like the dickens during the month of April to get things finished. The least one finish. You might want to record your finishes on your blog.Then come back here on April 30 and leave a comment telling how many finishes you achieved from today thru the 30th. You keep's the honor system. I know you are honorable. Then on April 30th we'll celebrate. I'll be putting together a slam bang package of goodies...fabric of course and maybe some surprises. I'll preview the prize later for some more motivation. The more finishes, the more entries you receive. Simple enough. So, let's get sewing."

So here are the following projects that I would like to finish (or almost finish) in the next 17 days of April:

My "Life" quilt is all quilted and the binding is ready to sew on. That is if I can get it away from that little black foot at the bottom of the photo! This may be a wedding gift that will be delivered to Kelowna, British Columbia by car . . . so if the hand stitching is not completed before May 7th, I will be sewing it down all the way across Saskatchewan, Alberta and into BC.

My April Bunny Hill BOM is all ready for the sewing down part and the little bit of embroidery, so I'm feeling pretty confident that I will get this one done and pinned up next to the other three in the next week.

I love that little chocolate bunny and the little chickie . . . too cute!

My Summer Baskets BOM is still sitting here! The wool is all washed and ready to go . . . I just need to get the shapes traced, cut out and pressed down and then blanket stitched. It usually goes pretty quick once I can get a chance to get started so I'm feeling pretty confident about this one too. I'll have to watch out because the next block will be showing up in the next week or so and then I'll really feel behind.

This is the Blue Meadow Designs mystery quilt from a month or two ago and today I've been working on putting on the borders - a little more elaborate than necessary but what the heck! This may also be part of the wedding present so it needs the borders sewn down, basted and machine quilted.

Looks like the binding would also need to be sewn down between Manitoba, SK, Alberta and BC. What would my fingers look like by the time I got to BC????? Maybe I should just go buy a vase!

No, I am not going to include this quilt in my April finishes, but I did want to let you know that I am thrilled to have finally found two yards of the old Fancy Cats line of fabric, which should be on it's way from New Hampshire in the next few days. So I'll carry this project into May and also the other drunkard's path blocks I've been working on. Gotta save some projects for another time, don't I?
So what if it's the middle of the month already . . . I need some inspiration to finish up these projects. If you need some motivation too, head on over to Jacquie's and join in . . . it's going to feel soooooooooo good to finish up a few things!

'til next time,


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Good luck with finishing up your projects for April. A challenge is a good thing, right?

BTW, where did you order your Summer Baskets BOM from? I'd like to get a wool kit to try...

MYRA said...

Wow M! You have your work cut out for you! I can't believe it's already the 14th!!! Time is just flying by soooooo fast!!!

Good for you to be able to sew in the car! Me? Well lets just say the quilt would need washing shortly after I would start stitching on the move... LOL! Never could read in a moving care either... 8-(

Good for you to have found some more of you cat fabric! Excellent! 8-)

Good luck with your challenge! 8-)
Happy stitchings!