Saturday, 25 April 2009

Landscape Workshop

I know . . . it's been a whole week!

But it's never too late to show off some wonderful talent! Heather Lair is a wonderful teacher and a very talented quilt artist. The quilts that she had with her were fabulous and just made my fingers itch to give it all a try.

Heather's use of different fabrics was very interesting and the different effects that she achieved where great.

This is one of my favorite - the colors and the village scene were very nice.

This one was unique in the way that the scene is all one piece and then the arched cutouts were placed over top. Creates a very interesting piece.

I also found it very interesting how she used triangle corners on the backing to hang her quilts. I've never seen that done before.

Here is my unimaginative first landscape creation.

The different layers of the project are needle turn appliqued to a muslin background - I'm also pretty much a newbie to that technique . . . just a bit of a learning curve for me. It's great fun to break outside the box and try these new things . . . it does confirm that old dogs can learn some new tricks!

The following works-in-progress are photos of some of the creations that were happening around the room - I think there were about 40 of us taking the workshop.

The different fabrics that people had found were all so different!

Ramona had wonderful landscape fabrics - wish I had some of those :)

Diane's water fabric provided so much movement to this tiny piece. - it was so much fun to see what everyone came up with. These were small projects that were easily finished in one day and I'm sure that if a person wanted to do two or three in a day (if you were organized), it would certainly be something that could be accomplished. Now I need to go landscape fabric shopping . . . ehm, wonder where to go?

Nice sunny morning here so it's time to finish off the yard work. Hope you have a great weekend!

'til next time,