Thursday, 23 April 2009

I Was Right!!!!

Look what showed up in the mail yesterday . . .

Block five of my Summer Baskets BOM from The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw, SK. I washed the wool pieces in hot, hot water and dried them in the hot, hot dryer last night, so I have at least made a small start on this project. Not too sure what's on for the weekend yet, so we'll see if I can squeeze this block in for the "Spring to Finish" deadline.

Another parcel that came in the mail was my Fancy Cat fabric. I was thrilled to finally find this supplier after two-three weeks of endless emails, phone calls and on-line searching for this particular old fabric line. Purrfect Pastimes were wonderful to deal with and answered my many questions regarding the color of the background, etc., etc. with great patience and understanding. Of course this print is needed to finish my stripey drunkard's path quilt that I started back in March and I really needed to make sure that it was the EXACT print that I wanted. I had already bought 1.6 metres of one piece that just wasn't right, so it will now be used for part of the backing.

I am now 3/4's of the way finished with the machine quilting on the Blue Meadow mystery quilt and so far it seems to be coming along quite nicely.

I'm using a loopy meandering pattern on this one and I can't wait to wash and dry it to see how puckered and soft it gets. Hope to finish this over the weekend also . . . running out of the thread color I'm using, so will need to make a trip to the city to replenish my stock.

I haven't forgotten about my last Saturday workshop photos . . . just need a bit more time!
'til next time,


Karen said...

Well, I certainly like the new block pattern but I don't find the block of the month on the site you linked to. Maybe they are no longer offering it. I don't need another project anyhow. I will just enjoy yours.

MYRA said...

Gosh your mail-carrier is wonderful to you! Lots and lots of goodies come to your house! lol! 8-)

Good luck getting your 5th block done before the end of the month! I know you can do it! 8-)

Annette said...

Liking the look of the Blue Meadow quilt, will enjoy seeing the finished product!