Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Week in Review - Part II

Earlier in the week I received an invitation to go out to the Green Acres Hutterite Colony to see what they have been up to since the last visit. There is always so much to see and this time was certainly no exception . . . I'll have to remember to take some outdoor pictures next time . . . the buildings, pathways and houses incorporate so many different materials that that is something to see on it's own.

A new greenhouse has been built over the winter and there is a lot of excitement and activity getting things ready for Spring (if it ever comes!). They are going to be eating cucumbers in next to no time and the tomato plants were also in bloom.

Some of the gals have been wintering over their plants from last year and have cuttings everywhere . . . they are going to be so ready for planting in the next few weeks.

I love greenhouses! They are so warm and smell fabulous . . . my green thumb just starts itching to get busy. Look at all those tiny seedlings . . . someone has some work cut out for them.

Ornamental grasses are one of my favorites in pots on the deck, with lots of overflowing greenery around the outside edges. I'll be going back in a few weeks to beg for some of that millet.

Probably should get some Dusty Miller for the flowerbed next to the driveway . . .

and there were even a few little seedlings that I was wasn't familiar with, so I'll definitely be going back for a another visit.

Ah, here was one lady that wasn't going to wait for gardening season . . . she got busy and made her own garden that she can enjoy all year! Look at those tomatoes and little radishes - adorable.

A few other ladies couldn't wait for the robins to come back, so they made their own too. (Actually, I did see three robins in our front lawn last weekend - and then it snowed - not sure where the birds went).

This was the real the reason that I was invited out to the Colony . . . they are on school Spring break and all the ladies and girls moved their sewing machines (all Pfaffs!) over to the far end of their eating hall. They were having a week long sew-a-thon and enjoying themselves way too much! There must have been 20-25 industrious souls just motoring along . . . scraps everywhere, cords strung this way and that, opinions and encouragement flying everywhere . . . they were having a blast!

The last time I was out, Lydia had wanted to show me her tablerunner that she had made using one of my patterns (see the blue and yellow one on the left?). She had also showed me pictures of the patterns that they had ordered online and were anxiously waiting for. So when the patterns arrived the whole group got together and chose three to work on together so that they would be able to help each other as they went . . . instead of each one trying a different one.

The magnolia pattern was the first pattern that quite a few ladies started with at the beginning of the week and most had finished that one and moved on to another one.

There were magnolias everywhere!

I think I heard one lady say that there were 18 of them that had made this one (and she rhymed off every one's name as she counted them down). Amazing!!

Three of the girls had started this log cabin on Monday and had finished the top and moved on to another pattern. They are going to finish this quilt for their Mom and Dad for Christmas - it's only April, and they've got Christmas presents planned already. I'll have to start doing that . . . then I won't be caught off guard when December rolls around.
Tomorrow I'm off to a quilt get-together and will be taking my drunkard's path "circle-in-a-square" pieces and see if I can't make it look like the real pattern. I'll need to choose a layout from the million drunkard's path versions out there . . . more decisions!
Now I'm off to finish that machine quilting I've got started and maybe work in some vacuuming too. Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week . . .
'til next time,


MYRA said...

Oh my gosh! Lovely quilty-works happening over there! Gorgeous patterns! I've never seen some of them! Curious as to where they got them from... Wondering also if that is the farm my hubby has visited with his friend from out there... of course they visit the men! 8-)
Thanks for sharing...
Wishing you success with all your quilting... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Joyce said...

I taught at a Hutterite Colony (Blumengart near Plum Coulee) for 8 years and really enjoyed it. Did you see the show of Hutterite qulits held in the Portage art gallery a couple of months ago? It was fantastic.

Anonymous said...