Thursday, 29 October 2009

Blog Hopping . . .

Canton Village Quiltworks is having a super giveaway, although I’m not sure of what the odds of winning will be – there is already well over 1000 comments listed! It will be like trying to win the lottery, but what the heck – you never know. You only need one number to win!

I’ve got my eye on all the treats that are up for grabs but especially drooling all over that little Moda Bakeshop Sampler box.

Isn’t this the cutest little box of goodies you’ve ever seen?!?!?! Still haven’t seen any of the blogs mention what the retail price of this box of delectables is? Even if a person was to win, would you really use it? Or just prop it up somewhere in your sewing room as a little trophy – something to look at all the time to just make you happy. I’d be torn . . . use it or save it. Even if I didn’t win one of these, I know I’ll be stepping out and purchasing one as soon as I see them being offered somewhere – how could I not!

Alma over at Blackbird Designs has a wonderful tutorial for making a fabric covered sewing box using a paper mache box and your favorite 1/2 yard of fabric. But before she tells you how to cover the box, she explains how to distress the fabric to make it that aged antique look – so really it’s like two tutorials in one! Looks like a great project and I will be taking note of these instructions so that when I have my dream sewing studio I will be able to coordinate all my storage containers to match my decor. Seriously though – this is a great project and maybe one that a group could do together – would be a lot of fun playing with the dyes and all that glue – I can picture it now!

post schnibble

Annette over at Sunshine Yellow Creative Stitching has finished a beautiful quilt for her kitchen. If you recall she was the winner of my Loonie Bloom giveaway a while back and she is a member of the Year of Schnibbles group.

I’ve been seeing a lot of these little quilts around blog land and have done some investigating - they all originate from Miss Rosies Quilt Co. and they are soooooooo cute. Over at Quilter Going Bananas are some other examples of these little quilts – lovely work!

Let me know where you’ve been visiting in blog land . . . where’s your favorite place to visit?

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M.Happy Halloween!

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