Monday, 12 October 2009

Coffee, Fabric and Turkey . . .


Well really!  How do you expect me to quilt without coffee?!?!?  Have you tried this stuff yet?  Instant coffee from Starbucks . . . what’s next do you think?  Actually it’s not too bad, even though I was able to identify it as the instant coffee in the taste test they had in the store.   With a little splash of Nestle’s Quik syrup and another little splash of milk, this makes an excellent cup of coffee – give it a try!


I made a start on the Bunny Hill block #10 and I think it is just the cutest . . . that’s me with the little purse and black boots (who else would do that after all!!) and there’s Mysty in the basket all decked out in her usual gold and black.  This is going to be my favorite block – I’m pretty sure of that.


And here is my ghost/skelton guy – I really want to get a set of them made up for Halloween, but the days keep ticking by . . . still got some time left, so we’ll see what materializes with this idea.


This Thanksgiving weekend in Manitoba has seen it’s fair share of cold temperatures and the odd snow flurry.  Some other parts of Manitoba have seen much more than we have here in the sunny south . . . this little “skiff” is very minor in comparison.  Still say it’s way to soon . . . there’s going to be a lot of months with mittens, parkas and snow boots and it would suit me just fine if we could skip this.


This is really what has been occupying my time.  Candace saw this on the weekend and looked at me and said, “Mom, you really need a life!”  She thought I had cut each of these little squares out and then sewed them all together and she still can’t visualize how I’m really doing it.  Non-quilters . . .they just don’t get the concepts!


Rows 1-10 are now sewn together – that’s 1/3 done . . . wish me luck.

Now movin’ in for the turkey supper . . .

‘til next time,



paulette said...

Ouch to the I'm moving on downstairs to make me a cup of coffee with a splash of choc. syrup and milk....thanks for the idea!!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I picked out the instant in the taste test too, and I'm not even a starbucksaholic. You are so right about non-quilters. They just don't get it :-)

Myra said...

Hi Marlene! 8-)

Your Bunny Hill block 10 is adorable! Love it!

Cute skeleton, and your Bargello is looking awesome! Oh yes!!!

This early cold and snow can keep away till mid November, no, mid December in my mind!!!! 8-)

Happy stitchings!

Heather said...

I am drinking my starbucks coffee right now and I stumbled upon your blog. Glad to see other coffee drinkers out there!! :-) Beautiful quilts you are working on!