Tuesday, 6 January 2009

"Anne" is a wonderful name . . .

What a short, simple, elegant, easy-to-remember kind of name!

The name "Anne" seems to be popping up a lot the last few days and this will be my post to honor a couple of Anne's.

The first Anne posted a comment on my "Domesticated" post a few days ago and I was so thrilled to receive such a lovely comment! But, alas, Anne did not have a link back to her blog, (or she doesn't have a blog) so I was not able to go back and thank her for her wonderful, cheery comments. She said that she had spent a couple of hours touring through my blog and I was just tickled to know that someone does the same thing that I do! Every-so-often I will find a blog that just takes my fancy, for whatever reason, and I'll go back through all the posts from the beginning of time . . . do all of you do that also?

So, the reason I'm bringing this up, besides saying a big hearty Thank You! to Anne, is to let everyone know that they can post too. You don't need a blog of your own . . . you don't need to use your real name (maybe use "Anne" because it is such a sweet name!) . . . you don't even have to put a name! You can use "Anonymous" if you're very nice and mean it in the the very best of terms (like the sweet gal who also left a comment on "Domesticated").

I know there are many of you out there . . . I can see it on my Feedjit Live Traffic Feed thingy. So, here's a little challenge to everyone stopping by . . . leave a "hi" as you pass through next time . . . maybe even put your name in as "Anne" and we'll see how many we can tally up (if Anne really is your name or middle name, make sure and let me know!).

It's become apparent that I have mistakenly left out the "Ann" spelling version (which of course is even shorter, simpler and, dare I say, more elegant than the longer version of the spelling) from my aforementioned challenge . . . so please insert the name "Ann" wherever the "Anne" is and play along. (This is so much fun . . . how many Ann/Anne's are out there!)

Now, onto another "Anne" . . . and this is one of my favorites. Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs is such a fun, helpful person out there in blogland and this morning when I opened my bloggy dashboard, I noticed that she has undertaken to entertain us all for a full year of Block-of-the-Month mystery designs!

Just look at this adorable block! THANK YOU, ANNE!

I have the pattern all downloaded and ready to start . . . but, really, can I take on another BOM? I'm going to challenge myself to really, really try to keep up with this one . . . if the rest of the blocks are as wonderful as this first one, I'm going to be in for the long haul.

So head on over to Anne's place and get your pattern!

'til next time,


p.s. My middle name is "Anne"!


Anonymous said...

Had to grin at your biscuit recipe, as I have used the same one for years too! I love that it is always successful.

Karen S in Edmonton (AKA Anne??!!)

anncrafts said...

Ann is a wonderful name too! I don't need that extra vowel :-). I haven't quilted for a while but hope to get back to it - enjoy looking at what you do, inspirational. By the way my blog is named Ann too - Anncrafts

Anonymous said...

Hey Marlene - its been a long time since we have seen each other!! Hopefully soon.
Just to let you know my middle name is Ann - without the e!!
Ooh that BOM from bunny hill looks appealing - I can see what caught your eye - another snowman!!
Sheila Mc in Brandon (SAM)

Anne said...

Hi Marlene, I'm really an Anne (with an "e") and am actually "the other Anne" from Bunny Hill. We're best friends. When I started reading this blog post, I couldn't figure out where you were going. Very clever! It'll be fun to see how many Anne's are out there. When I was growing up, I never had another Anne in my classes. Now I know tons of them.

Fer said...

This is funny, I'm actually reading 'Anne of Green Gables' at the moment (for old times sake)!!!

I do like the name too, and if we have a baby girl then maybe this could be her name? Who knows!

MYRA said...

Should I say this is Ann? or Anne? ... Nice try hey!?! It is only me... lol! 8-)
That BOM is adorable... I shall have to check further on that!
Nice job on your snowman stitchery... who looks at the back anyway, and looks like you have kept yourself busy with organizing...something on my "to do" list! 8-)
Nice finish on your Christmas stitchery too!

Paula said...

Thought I'd speak up and say hello. I visit each time you update, you're in my Google Reader. I like the name "Ann", it's my sister's middle name.

Annette said...

The first part of my name is Anne!! My next door neighbor when I was growing up always used to call me 'Anne Girl' as I used to remind her of 'Anne of Green Gables'!!