Friday, 9 January 2009

BOM Updates

I've finished Anne's first block - he's such a cute little guy and it goes together so fast! I'm seeing some finished blocks out there that are done in wool (Cottons n' Woolens) and they are looking very warm and toastie. My wool stash is not up to the standards that would be required to complete one block let alone a whole quilt, so I will be sticking to my cottons.

I like my fabric choices but now that I'm done I wish I had of put a backing on the stars so that the handle wasn't showing through. And then it dawned on me this morning that I should be using one of my beautiful packages of fat quarters that I get from the Fat Quarter Shop every month - each basket would be from one of each of the prints and then the other parts of the block could be from some of the other coordinating prints with just the odd scrap of whatever to fill in when necessary. That way the whole quilt at the end of the 12 months would be coordinated from the one fabric line. So now I need to check out which package of fat quarters would work best for this new idea and then make this little block a second time. Maybe I'll even put a smile on the next one instead of the weird smirk that he has on his face right now!

The first block of the Summer Baskets BOM is now complete and pinned up on the wall. The next package should be arriving any day with the second block - it looks like a bigger block and may take some more concentration . . . how much fun will that be!
It was wonderful to meet some of you Anne's out there (and a couple of AKA's, too!) Thank you to all those that stopped by and said hello . . . it was great to hear from you.
This weekend I'll be (hopefully!) finishing a quilt top that I've been working on for quite some time. For some reason I just couldn't settle on a border design that I liked but have now finally decided what I'm going to do - so if all goes as planned that will be my weekend. Although Crazy For Primitives and Gardens posted about her weekend plans yesterday and that looks really interesting too - I even went and found the magazine with the pattern in it and have it set out. But . . . NO, I am not (will not) start another project!
Have a great weekend everyone.
'til next time,


Suzanne said...

Your Snowman Basket block is lovely and I think he has a nice smile (not a weird smirk at all). I love the colors on your Summer Baskets block too!

Anne said...

Good Job on your snowman block. Wasn't it fun? And so quick and easy. Your Summer Baskets block is awesome and screaming my name. Aghhh. Then I went to Colleen's blog to see what quilt you were talking about and...oh no...I might have to join them. Help, rescue me, I'm drowning in projects I want to do!!! LOL. PS Thanks for the mention.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I love this snowman too and the idea of using a set of FQs from the Fat Quarter Shop is a great idea! I think I'll have to borrow that idea if that's okay, LOL Okay time to do the next BOM...