Monday, 26 January 2009

Looking for Sunshine . . .

I seem to be having a bout of the January blues. Every so often events occur that create the feeling that nothing seems all that interesting . . . days are kinda blah . . . really don't care about too much of anything . . . "whatever" happens, happens outlook on life. That's the way my Monday to Friday work week has become and it has been trying to overlap into my evenings and weekends also.

So . . . I'm taking charge! Don't get me wrong - I still feel "whatever" but I still recognize that by keeping busy, and YES!, also starting a new project that just happens to be bright and cheerful will do me more good than just letting the feelings take over.

I also know that starting another project, no matter how colorful and cheerful, may add to the feeling of being completely overwhelmed with all of the ongoing projects that are cluttering up my workspace, but . . . at least I'm doing SOMETHING! And in my book that is better than doing nothing.

I did finish the second block of this BOM and that felt good. It also kept my wandering, stressed-out, upset, confused, get-even-any-way-possible mind from exploding.

And then I grabbed this UFO from 2007 from the pile and even started calculating a fairly complex border idea so that it can someday be completed. I even got the applique pieces traced out on freezer paper and will hopefully get to the rest sometime this week. Maybe sometime between all the embroidery I have going on and quilting that wonderful piece of sunshine at the top of my post.

Wishing you a sunny, bright week,

'til next time,



Quilter Going Bananas said...

Hiya, Yuck I hate January too, it's so long...and keeping busy does help. Love the bright colours of your new project too.

MYRA said...

I know exactly how you are feeling Marlene... Good you are keeping yourself busy. Took me a while to get back into the sewing room, but now that I push myself in there every day I am feeling some better... Spring can't come too soon hey!?! Impatiently waiting.... 8-)
Your creations in this post are looking wonderful! Woo hoo! Good for you! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

MYRA said...

Hey Marlene! I have a question directed to you in my post today. The subject of some photos brought you to mind... 8-)
Also wondering how are you liking that "link within" that you are using? I've seen it on a few blogs now... 8-)
Enjoy the warmer day!

Suzanne said...

Marlene - Thank-you for the nice compliment you left on my blog. The long winter can get to you sometimes, but I think you have the right attitude about 'keeping busy'. I know it works for me. Love the quilt-it evokes sheer happiness! Also, your BOM block is great-what is the name of it?