Saturday, 17 January 2009

Summer Baskets BOM

The second block of Summer Baskets came in yesterday's mail . . . but it doesn't seem like that many days ago that I finished the first block!

I'm really enjoying these little applique blocks because they work really well for when I just have a little bit of time to be creative. Like first thing in the morning before work or while making supper. Tracing the shapes or cutting out the shapes are things that can be monotonous if you sit down and try to do everything at once, but by breaking it up into little bits here and there makes you feel like you've accomplished something and next time you have a few minutes you'll be able to move onto another step.
After doing the first block though, I came to some conclusions about how this working with wool thing worked best for me. So I've prepared myself a little "to do list" and hopefully I can get started on parts of the list this weekend.

So by breaking it up into these little steps I'll be able to tick off things as I go - that always makes me feel good.

Everywhere I look in my sewing room right now I see applique! This project is coming right along . . . the embroidery is going quicker than expected, but there's still a long way to go - this is only the beginning.

When I get tired of doing embroidery, I can always stitch down some more of the shapes and when I get tired of that, I can start on my "to do list".
I also have the Bunny Hill blocks pinned up on the wall - they are so cheerful and motivating. I know I have to keep on top of what I'm working on because Anne's next block will be showing up in another couple of weeks.
Gotta keep going . . .
'til next time,

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Patchmaker said...

I really like your idea of a to-do list for applique projects. I have lots of applique UFO's waiting for me; I think a list could do the trick!